About Us


We are a real estate investment company with a proven track record of acquiring foreclosed properties and producing high yield returns in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the USA. Young Investments was founded by an experienced real estate professional with a unique understanding of the foreclosure process, and tactics of homeowner/condo associations, and has consistently achieved successful results.  

Our model is built on a strong platform of expertise in deal sourcing, financial analysis, rehab upgrades, asset management, and sales.


Investing in the Tampa Bay Area just makes smart financial sense. The underlying economy is leveraged for long lasting economic growth. It’s industries are diverse, and very stable. It has a highly educated workforce, world-class educational institutions, an international airport, cargo port, cruise line, major sports teams, and a large military base; and a diverse access to investment capital and strong ties to global markets.  

The principal of Young Investments has deep roots in the Tampa Bay Area, and believes it will maintain strong economic growth through current and future business cycles.