Recover Surplus Funds

Simple Recovery of Surplus Funds from a Foreclosure Sale

If your property was foreclosed and the purchases paid more than the amounts owed on the property, you may be entitled to a foreclosure surplus funds refund.

Since the recovery process is complicated and confusing, we would like to offer our assistance for a small fee upon collection, to request the surplus funds on your behalf.  This service and legal assistance is offered at no cost to you up front and we get paid only if we collect.

We fully understand the process and have an excellent real estate attorney who understands the law and the process to claim surplus funds in Florida. The more opposing lien holders, or parties placing demand on the funds, the more complex. We pay the legal expenses for you, and only charge a percentage of the recovery based on the complexity of the case.

A homeowner does not need a recovery service or the help of a lawyer to file their foreclosure surplus recovery claim.  But in most instances, professionals are more successful than novices.

Our foreclosure attorney will let you know how to claim surplus funds and the necessary process to get the foreclosure refund.

On the first call, our attorneys will screen your scenarios and make sure that you are protected under the Florida foreclosure surplus laws.

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